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Photographer Capture’s Couple’s Scenic Proposal

… And Then Uses Social Media to Find Them

10/30/18 – DSG

Taft Point Yosemite Proposal – Source CNN

I love stories like this. A photographer goes up to Yosemite National Park to take some pictures. He randomly witnesses a beautiful marriage proposal in a spectacular setting and snaps the perfect picture. Not having any idea who the happy couple is, and unable to catch up to them on the trail, he posts his story to the internet in hopes of identifying the couple. It goes viral on social media and then gets picked up by national news outlets, like CNN. Before long the couple is identified!

One reason this is a great story is because it combines elements of wilderness and technology in a beautiful way. The proposal happened at Yosemite’s Taft Point, an iconic scene of the American wilderness in one of our most treasured national parks. Without the technological components this would have simply been the individual experiences of a photographer and a happy couple. But, the combination of the technologies of the camera, the internet, social media and traditional broadcast media introduced their experience to the rest of us in what feels like a natural, organic way.

One could question whether or not the couple wanted the publicity. This was a very private moment between them. They didn’t ask the photographer to put their picture all over the internet. But, they had the choice to come forward or not. They could have kept it a mystery, but they chose to let us in on their wonderful moment. And, I’m sure that beautiful photo will be framed and displayed somewhere in their home for a long time to come.

This is an example of the positive side of the “power of social media.” It’s the kind of thing that was dreamed of by tech visionaries two decades ago. It happens quite a lot actually. I’ve seen more than a few lost dogs in my neighborhood found through social media. I’ve seen crimes solved that way, too. People find jobs, love interests, and long lost family members through the internet. We also figure out how to ease the pain of injuries, mental and physical, by searching the web. I could go on for a while about the positive capabilities enabled by the internet and social media. The point is to remember these things when we also see the negatives.