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How to Prepare our Kids for their Transhuman Future

From Tech Talk – 11/8/18

AI Child

In a recent report issued by Gartner and reported in Forbes, Gartner makes the following stunning claim:

“Over the next decade, humanity will begin its ‘transhuman’ era…”

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Racing Tropical Cyclone Gita to New Zealand

From Voyager’s Corner – 11/1/18


The enormous Polynesian man sitting next to me on the airplane was visibly worried. Just a few days ago his home islands of Tonga had taken a direct hit from Tropical Cyclone Gita, the strongest cyclone in its recorded history. He was trying to make his way home from Utah to survey the damage and check on family and friends.

We knew we were going to meet Gita upon or arrival in New Zealand.

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Photographer Capture’s Couple’s Scenic Proposal

… And Then Uses Social Media to Find Them

From Author’s Blog – 10/30/18

Taft Point Yosemite Proposal – Source CNN

I love stories like this. A photographer goes up to Yosemite National Park to take some pictures. He randomly witnesses a beautiful marriage proposal in a spectacular setting and snaps the perfect picture. Not having any idea who the happy couple is, and unable to catch up to them on the trail, he posts his story to the internet in hopes of identifying the couple. It goes viral on social media and then gets picked up by national news outlets, like CNN. Before long the couple is identified!

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New Zealand Travel Video

From Voyager’s Corner – October 30, 2018

This may be the best amateur New Zealand travel video ever made!!! Well, probably not, but I’m still quite proud of it.

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How I Almost Died in Canyonland’s National Park

From The Wilderness – Ocober 5, 2018

I’m floating on my back in a huge shallow eddy. The muddy water silently churns a giant slow-motion circle. The water soothes the back of my head and brings relief from the early September heat like the cool side of a pillow. As I float I watch the jagged outline of red cliff-tops against the blue desert sky. My eyes close as I let the slow current drift me back towards my secluded white sandy beach.

After a few minutes I snap out of my bliss and move to stand up but my leg whiffs through unexpectedly deep water. Calmly treading I look around to re-orient myself and notice that my bright yellow kayak on the beach is surprisingly small and it’s moving away from me. I find myself in mid-river.

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The Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout and Deep Evolutionary Time

From The Trout Pool – September 18, 2018

There is a place high in the Rockies in Wyoming where waters part. Two-Ocean Pass is a national landmark. Here, a small stream called North Two Ocean Creak splits into two waterways on the Continental Divide. The waters of one branch, Pacific Creek, are destined for the Pacific Ocean. The other, Altantic Creek, for the Atlantic Ocean.

This geographic peculiarity, called a distributary (the opposite of a tributary), probably allowed the ancestors of today’s Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout to spread into waters on both sides of the Continental Divide.

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The Whisper

From Creative Writing – September 17, 2018

The keyboard clattered away like windblown rain on a tin roof. The words and phrases flowed, letters dancing onto the screen, line by line. Instrumental hip hop, set on low, was on point.

A strange whisper. It was soft at first, almost imperceptible. He thought he imagined it and kept typing. There it was again… a female voice. He stopped typing and glared down at his headphones on the cluttered desktop.

“Help me, please,” the headphones whispered. “Please… I need help.”

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Exponential Technology and the Nature-Tech Balance

From Tech Talk – September 13, 2018

Moore’s Law contends that technological computing power doubles about every 18 months.  The theory was first established by Gordon Moore in 1965 when he observed that the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles about every year.  Although it was later revised to 18 months Moore’s Law has been remarkably consistent.

Consider the Cray-2 supercomputer released in 1985 (nicknamed “bubbles” for its innovative liquid cooling system).  The Cray-2 required a large room to house it and cost many millions of dollars.  By comparison the iPhone 5 (already an antiquated device) has 2.7 times the processing power of the Cray-2, fits in your palm, weighs a few ounces and, when new, cost just a few hundred dollars.

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A Bug on the Bank

From Creative Writing – September 12, 2018

Mike just about had enough of those two morons talking about him behind his back.  He hid behind the moss rock listening to their crap for too long.

“Then I says to Mike, ‘hey I think that’s a giant beaver up there,’” said Bortle. “’Yeah, look at the size of its butt.  That thing is huge!’”

“Oh my bugs,” responded Clarice. “So, did Mike actually believe you?”

“Heck yeah he did!  You know Mike,” chuckled Bortle. “Anyway, I got him to go check it out seeing as the big beaver was ‘sleepin’’ and all.  So, he swims right on up there to take a look.”

“Oh my bugs, then what happened?” asked Clarice.

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Fish of Paradise

From The Trout Pool – September 8, 2018

What is it about the trout that is so alluring? Many have pondered this question, but I know the answer. It’s simple. The trout is a beautiful fish that lives in beautiful places. There are better tasting fish. There are those that fight harder. There are bigger, rarer and more elusive fish. But, no fish can match the mystique of the mountain trout. This is especially true of the western backcountry trout.

In summer the western trout glides happily over freestones that give colorful texture to creek beds under a sheen of moving air-water like liquid sunshine…

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