The following wilderness conservation organizations are categorized as “global” because they target conservation efforts in multiple continents (at least two). The organizations are listed in alphabetical order.

The Wild Foundation

The Wild Foundation began in 1974 out of the friendship of two South African men, one white and one black (Ian Player and Magqubu nTomebela respectively), who defied Apartheid to join forces and save the Southern White Rhino. Since then this organization has established a global reach and is one of the most influential and impactful wilderness conservation organizations in the world.

The Wild Foundation created the World Wilderness Congress which has conducted ten international events and is expected to hold its 11th in late 2019. Their approach is to build strong communities across borders from the ground up to fulfill their vision: “A world in which people respect nature, nature flourishes, and life thrives.” This vision is pursued through three core values:  Integrity, Respect, and Community.