A selection of images I’ve taken, and featured images from others, with a focus on wilderness and trout.  Check out my Instagram feed for more photos.

2/27/19 – DSG

Death Valley National Park is an immense wilderness.  The Owlshead Mountains area of Death Valley NP is seldom visited.  In this picture my tent is located in a place few people have ever set foot.  Some might say that no one goes into the Owlsheads because there’s not much to see there.  It’s just a dry desert with modest, rocky mountains .  There is no water.  There are no trees.  The more spectacular mountains and more interesting sights of Death Valley are elsewhere.  But, the knowledge that I may have been the only human ever to stand atop the summit of one of the Owlshead’s small peaks… That made this place a unique and rare experience which enhanced its beauty.

12/4/18 – DSG

The Galapagos is one of the few places in the world where the wildlife has absolutely zero fear of humans.  It is that way because the islands have been managed to completely protect the wildlife for decades.  You see this effect in other places, like Yellowstone National Park, where wildlife has been protected for a long time.  It shows just how quickly animals adapt to environmental conditions over a small number of generations.

This big handsome guy is a wild Galapagos Land Iguana.  I snapped this picture with my iPhone while I stood about two or three feet from him.  No zoom lens needed!


11/19/18 – DSG

This image is from Colorado’s Elk Mountains near Aspen.  I was about 12 miles into a 30 mile backpacking trip, heading up to a 12,000 foot pass.  The high peak viewed through these tall evergreens captures the essence of this beautiful area.

The day remained clear and dry from dawn until dusk, with a baby blue sky over soaring peaks.  Days like this are actually pretty rare in July in the Colorado high country.  More typical of that time of year would be a beautifully clear morning followed by an unsettled afternoon with scattered storms as the “monsoon” heats up.  But every once in a while the moisture stays away and the skies stay clear all day.  When that happens it gives me a feeling of not having a single worry in the world.


11/9/2018 – DSG

The image below is from New Zealand’s South Island and I will not disclose the specific location.  There are not many places in the world where you can have a 1,000 foot waterfall to yourself for an evening!

A 1,000 foot waterfall. South Island New Zealand