Here at The Greenstone you are at the nexus of adventure, nature and technology.

Te Wahi Pounamu means “The Place of Greenstone.” It is one of the Maori names for the South Island of New Zealand.  The greenstone, also known as jade, has always been highly coveted in the south of New Zealand, first by the Maori and then by Europeans.

But, the allure of the New Zealand greenstone is not about the stone itself.  It is about the quest to find something beautiful in a place of great beauty.  Like the brightly spotted trout that only swim in beautiful places, the New Zealand greenstone adorns the river beds of paradise.

Pure water is everywhere in the land of greenstone.  Saltwater fjords reach deep into the mountains and nearly connect with massive freshwater lakes in the interior.  These lakes are exceptionally deep, filling basins that go well below sea level while above the water-line massive peaks rise high above.  The moving water connects these lakes and fjords through alpine valleys of sun and mist.  Water as clear as the thin blue sky glides over riverbeds of stone.  High above the verdant green valley floors, threads of liquid silver fall from the jagged peaks.  Still higher, ice cold melt-water trickles from the white and blue snouts of alpine glaciers.

Many believe New Zealand, the Land of Greenstone, to be among the most beautiful places on Earth.  Those who have been there, myself included, will affirm that to be the case.  So, as the quest for the greenstone is about an adventure into a beautiful place, so will this website be a quest into beautiful stories… of adventure, nature and technology.